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Erato Dress

Erato Dress

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Inspired By Erato

Muse of Romance

Enveloped in the Erato Dress, its burgundy fabric draping you in the essence of the muse of lyric and love poetry, you're a vision of passion personified.

Each detail, from the lace to the elegant cut, is a tribute to Erato's romantic verses, inspiring your own story of love and beauty.

Poetry & Love

Styled by Muses

The Erato Dress is your gateway to becoming an embodiment of the muse of love poetry, a harmonious blend of style and romance that whispers sonnets with every sway. Let this gown be your muse, inspiring a love story with every wear, every glance, every enchanted evening.

Questions? We got you covered

Is the dress true to size

The dress usually comes as 1 to 2 sizes smaller than your usual size. We recommend checking the sizing guide for the perfect fit.

How should I accessorise this dress?

With its versatile style, feel free to go bold with statement jewelry or keep it chic with minimalistic pieces.

Can I wear this dress for formal occasions?

Absolutely! Pair it with the right accessories, and it transitions seamlessly from day to night elegance.

What's the best way to put on this dress?

The dress has a zip-up back, making it easy to wear. Step in, zip up, and you're all set!